Prompt Guide


In this guide, we will go through prompt rewards, minimum requirements, prompt bonuses, and how to submit prompts.


These rules apply to all submissions, irregardless of individual rules or requirements.

  • You cannot submit work that is not 100% created by you. No traced images or using assets/photos you did not create yourself.
  • Be sure you own, or have permission to use, any Paroithian you use in submissions.
  • Submissions are strictly SFW.
  • Real life events should not be directly referenced at all.



Prompts reward at least 1 gemstone and 5 coins, but this can increase based on bonuses.

Minimum Requirements

Here are the minimum requirements for a submission to be accepted unless stated otherwise.

Drawn Entries
  • Minimum 75% of character visible.
  • No Background is required.
Written Entries
  • Minimum 500 words.


Bonuses are optional extras you can do with your submission in order to earn more coins.

Drawn Entries
  • Complex Backgrounds: If your submission shows a complex background (e.g. has objects, a sense of depth... etc.)  +2 Gem.png
  • Extra Characters: If your submission includes more than one character, a stacking bonus (up to 3 extra). Must have  min.50% of extra characters shown  +10 per char
  • Extra Story: Include a 200-word story to earn some extra coins  +10
Written Entries
  • Extra Drawing: When submitting a written entry, relevant to the story. Drawing a companion, object, or location is also okay as long as it's relevant to the story.
    Must at least be a sketch with partial colour +2 Gem.png
  • Extra Word Count: For every 100 extra words, earn +1 coin (up to max 2000 words)  +1
Mutual Bonuses
  • Gift Submission: If the submission contains ONLY characters belonging to other users  +5
  • FTO/Non-Owner Bonus: If you do not own any main Paroithians (e.g. non-companions)  +10
  • NPC Bonus: This can only be gained by using an NPC. Does not stack with Gift Submission  +1 Gem.png

How to Submit

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