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  • You must be the current owner of the design to submit for official changes.
  • The artwork submitted for the final design must be full color and should clearly show all listed traits.
  • Redesigns have a 1-month long cooldown, from time of submitting (not approval)!
  • Characters designs can’t be heavily obscured by objects not attached to their design.
  • All edits, arwork, and references should be safe for work and abide by the TOS.
  • Staff holds the right to reject any update for any reason. We will always provide a reason upon turning down an edit.


What if I want to revert to a previous design?
You can revert to an old design at any time. This DOES put the character under cooldown.

❗❗ Design review and approval can take around 7-14 days PER DESIGN. Review period will often take longer than 14 days during ARPG events, real life holidays, and weekends. We appreciate patience when submitting a design for review!


How to Redesign?

Be sure to read the rules below in regards to redesigning!
To begin the redesign process, visit your character's profile and press the button pictured below.

This will bring you to the newly created design editing form! Fill out the information required for each section, save the section, and then be sure to submit your design update. If you have any questions before submitting you are able to contact staff through the discord design help channel.

The comments allow you to include important information alongside your design update request. Please be sure to list out all changes you've made to the design and all items you are using to make changes in this area so that staff can review your submission faster. If you are only updating the artwork, please let us know in the comments! An empty comments section may result in your edit being rejected.


Upload the new image of the character with the option to add and crop your own thumbnail.


This section allows you to add items to your design update. Please add all items you are using in this section. They will be removed from your inventory while the submission is pending. Remember that items used for design updates are one-time use and will be consumed once the update is approved. If your update is rejected, cancelled, or deleted the items attached to it will be returned to you.


Fill out all traits for the character. "Default" anatomy traits do not need to be added. If a trait you are using was added through the use of an item please include which item was used in the "additional info" section to the left of the trait.

Please be patient as staff reviews your submission. Sometimes reviewing designs can take up to one week or longer in specific circumstances.



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