Terms of Service

Terms of Service

This Terms of Service was last modified on November 09 2020: Clean up of rules as well as small add-ons.
4.11.2020: Warning and Ban rules; You are no longer allowed to transfer an official Paroithian to a banned user. (old: You can transfer them but they'll have to be instantly voided)
30.08.2021: Trading Rules added under 4.4.2



1.1 Please read these Terms carefully. By accessing or using Paroith in any way, you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms you should not create an account or participate in anything Partoith related. If you have created an Account or purchased a Paroithian, but do not agree to these Terms, you should immediately discontinue. These Terms of Service are available in the English language only.

1.2 The following terminology applies to these Terms and Conditions: “You” and “Your” refers to you, the person on this website and compliant to the website’s terms and conditions. “The Website”, “Ourselves”, “We”, “Our” and “Us”, refers to Paroith. “Party”, “Parties”, or “Us”, refers to both the user and ourselves.

1.3 If you have any questions regarding any rules ,join the discord and ask in our 'questions-for-mods’ channel or contact any moderator or admin directly. (Can be found through Browse > users (anyone with moderator, admin, owner or Critterjar status except sprout))


2.1 Please check the terms whenever they are updated. We will treat your continued use and participation of our site as acceptance of any changes made to the terms following the effective date shown.



3.1 You don't need a Paroithian to join the game.

3.2 All site members must use the website's TOS. If you’re also joining the Discord you will have to accept and agree to the Discord specific TOS and rules as well.

3.3 No guilt tripping, begging, harassing and bothering people into trading/ selling characters.

  1. Don't message people about their characters if they stated they don't want to be selling that paroithian.

3.4. No scamming members/chargebacks for characters you obtained.

3.5. Don't spam, hate or troll. We will give you 3 warnings before issuing a ban. Depending on the severity, we are allowed to instantly ban.

3.6 Don't groom or suggestive talk to minors. This includes public discord and DMs. If we find out, you will be banned.

3.7 As a minor you can't partake in our 18+ channel (discord). PG 18+ art from minors will be removed from the group.

  1. Minors pretending to be older than 18 and/ or that are posting nsfw content will not be tolerated. Lying about your age is not allowed on our site or on our Discord. When we find out that someone has been lying about their age we will have to give out bans.

3.8 We allow mature content (art) in designated channels but:

  1. if we find out you are a minor you will be banned from posting art in the group for 2 months. If we find out you did it again you will be banned from posting art for 6 months, if this continues we will permanently ban you from posting art.

  2. Make sure to put a spoiler warning on it. If you don't put a spoiler warning on mature art we will give 3 warnings, after 3 warnings we will ban you from the group for 6 months.

  3. Do not display anything that is illegal under the laws (if applicable) of the country from which you are accessing the website/discord. (e.g. because the country does not permit such display of or access to such material at all or because you are under the relevant age limit in that country);

3.9 Paroith is it's own world so outside species can't canonly interact with Paroithians.

  1. You can still draw them together but it can't happen within the group.

3.10 Don't post non-Paroithian art to the group unless it also involves Paroith characters. We will be removing art unrelated to Paroith. If this occurs multiple times we will give out a warning.

3.11 Cheating is not allowed.

  1. This includes creating multiple accounts to get more benefits/ join raffles/ get around a ban

  2. using work that is not your own, tracing work without permission from the original artist, using assets of another artist without permission and heavily referencing from other artists.

  3. Cheating will also first lead to a warning or if cases are more heavily judged they will lead to a ban.

3.12 Guest artists are not mods and can not make mod like decisions. Guest artists are only allowed to make and sell/trade character designs. They have no other affair in the group and therefore can not act as mods. If you have any complaints seek a mod and not a guest artist.

3.13 By joining the Group and/ or obtaining a Paroithian you agree the current TOS aswell as any future changes we'll apply to the Terms of Service.




4.1 Every owner needs an account on the deviantart website to get a character transferred to them. Without one the character can not be transferred.

4.2 Characters can not officially be co-owned.

  1. The masterlist only allows one User to be the owner of a specific character so co-owning is not officially possible. However, you can still unofficially co-own a character with someone else. But in this case, the primary owner will still be the only one marked down on the characters masterlist and they can still transfer the character if they please so.

  2. We don’t encourage co-owning as we won’t provide any ‘replacement’ in case your personal co-owning deal got broken by one of the participants.

4.3 If we see a person trading characters they co-own without permission multiple times tho we will give out warnings and eventually a ban.

  1. You can't sell trade characters until they are under the masterlist. This is to protect members from being scammed and from further confusion.

4.4 Characters may only be traded/ sold once they have a masterlist entry. If the character is not on the Masterlist yet they can not be sold or traded or advertised for trades!

  1. We won't approve trials/redesigns until the characters are added to the masterlist.

  2. ANY transfer has to be made officially by the former Owner on our Masterlist ! We do not accept Screenshots as a proof of a trade!

4.5 Characters may be traded/ sold for any amount the owner seems fit.

  1. The only exception is for account bound characters (Plasma Vikings) as they can’t be traded whatsoever. Our group doesn’t restrict our members to only sell prior bought characters and therefore you may sell or trade your character for whatever you and the buyer accept.

4.6 If we become aware of an individual however that uses this freedom to obtain cheap characters to sell them for a much higher price excessively we will give out a warning. Keep trades and sales fair!

4.7 Do not sell/ trade characters you do not have the permission to sell/ trade. The mods will try to possibly resolve a case like this but can not be held accountable for false sales by an individual not in the mod/admin team. Make sure the character you’re getting is in the person's ownership and is tradeable! Contact a mod on Discord if you are unsure.

4.8 Themes can only be used once per species. Once a theme has been used in a specific species it can not be used again in this specific species.

  1. If the theme Balloon has been taken for a villager no other villager can use the theme Balloon. Other species like Nomads may use this theme if it’s not taken in their specific species.

  2. Make sure to check the taken list prior to making/ordering a Paroithian

4.9 Character designs/themes may also not have NSFW/Mature art on the Masterlist. The Masterlist is a place for everyone and has to be kept safe for everyone.

4.10 Themes may not include NSFW/disturbing/copyrighted topics. The mod team is also allowed to refuse any theme they find is not acceptable within the group.

4.11 Character designs may not be copies of already existing/copyrighted characters. Characters may have similar/ inspired designs but can’t be exact copies of already existing characters.

4.12 You can make a GYO version of another character you own but both versions can not be separated under any circumstance! They’ll have to be sold together and not separately. We therefore encourage not to make personal characters into Paroithians.

4.13 You are allowed to use your character outside of the group as long as they are under your name on the masterlist.


5.1 Paroith has not reviewed all of the sites linked to its Website and is not responsible for the contents of any such linked site. The presence of any link does not imply endorsement by Paroith of the site. The use of any linked website is at the user's own risk. Be aware when clicking on a link in an user’s profile.

5.2 If you find any link on our Website that is offensive for any reason, you are free to contact and inform us any moment.


Read specifically about Voiding here.


7.1 If you break any of the above-mentioned rules it will first lead to a warning.

  1. After 3 warnings in total and after a considerably short time span (no longer than 6 months) the warnings will lead to a ban from our group for 3 months.

  2. Continued breaking of rules will next lead to a 6-month ban and if continued after this second ban will result in a full ban of your group and Discord.

  3. If the situation is worse than others the ban might be considered earlier and for a longer time period.

7.2 A ban from the group means that you can not participate in any group activities including prompts, trials, and other events and will also include a ban from our Discord for the designated time period.

7.3 A full Ban means that all your characters will be voided from the group, meaning that you can not use them in the group anymore and that these characters can never rejoin the group again.

  1. We will possibly give you some time to trade/ sell your characters before voiding so that they can stay as official Paroithians in the group but after this time period all characters under your name will be voided.

  2. We don't allow official Paroithians to be traded, sold or gifted to a banned user under any circumstance! It is your responsibility to check prior whether or not a user has been banned or not by asking the user in question or messaging a mod if the user won't give you an answer/ you are unsure.