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Removing a Paroithian from the masterlist. This means that the masterlist entry will be removed and the character is no longer associated with the species. Keep in mind, after voiding the character they can no longer be used/associated with GYO.
You do not receive an MYO from voiding.


Change the official design/masterlist image of your GYO. Any design that isn't the original is considered a redesign. If you'd like to use a redesign of your GYO in prompts/trials and other events it needs to be approved and on the Masterlist!
Redesigns are on a 1-month cooldown.


Voiding »

How to Void?

Be sure to read the rules below in regards to voiding!
To begin the voiding process, please submit a Claim titled "Void Request" with the void request form below.

  • Voiding a character design that you currently own must be done with the explicit permission of the original creator of the design.
  • Please do not claim voided Paroithians to be still apart of the species. This is unfair to any potential new owners. Repeat offenders may be banned.
  • Masterlist entry/entries:
  • I have read and agree to the rules of voiding:

Any Questions?

Feel free to comment below, or comment in the discord and staff will be happy to help!


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