Welcome to Paroith!

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Come in, come all!
Welcome to our official website, for the "Grow Your Own" Species!
Get yourself comfy and enjoy your stay!


If you are a Paroithian Owner already, make sure to link your deviantart account to your account,
so all your characters will be in your name!
You then "Submit a Claim", on the right top, next to your account name,
with your deviantart Account, to get your items transferred!
If you are missing any characters, please message Michihiro#0642 on discord!

If you are a new member, a warm welcome to you!
Take a look around, get to know the different main and companion species,
which live in the world of Paroith.


Make sure to check out our Discord, to get to know other Paroith Members!
If you want to learn more about the Hometowns, check out our toyhouse!




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