Button Bingo

Button Bingo

Category: Repeating

It's Button Bingo Time! Submit your Guesses here! Check details ~


Welcome to the Paroith Button Bingo!
Here you can play a simple way of Bingo with your gathered Buttons!
Read further to find out how to play Bingo and in what ways you can gather more Buttons!

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What is Bingo?
Bingo is an entertaining game where Paroithians sit together and play.
Every month 2 specific orders of Button Colours is chosen to be gambled with.
Your Paroithian then has to guess what order the Buttons are and place their Buttons on the Numbers 1 to 5.

What do I need?
To play this Activity you need Buttons! Everytime you play, the Buttons you used get removed from your inventory.
But no worries! There are different ways to get them.

How do I get Buttons?
Buttons are acquired in different ways. You can earn them by doing Trials, during Farming and Fishing Activity, drawing the Paroithian of the Month and Monthly Prompts also grants you random buttons now!
You can also use a Puwphid you own to search for a button per day! You just activate your Puwphid in our discord!

How to play?

At the beginning of each month we decide on 2 random button orders!
Now your Buttons come to play! You can play once every game!
You don’t need to fill out all 5 Numbers to play! You also don’t need to use different colours ! The Example below shows different playstyles.
You will get your rewards accordingly to your matches immediately

- 1 right: 10 Coins
- 2 right: 20 Coins
- 3 right: 30 Coins + Honey Potion or Gemstone Potion
- 4 right: 40 Coins + Rainbow Lure or Rainbow Seed
- 5 right: 50 Coins + 5 Gems | or Custom Beeble

Submission rules
- let us know your button placement! in your submission with the following form:
Game: 1 or 2
Button Placements:
- you must submit each Button placements in their own claim
- make sure to add the buttons you use in "Add Ons"!


No rewards.



No skill increase.