Bargain Bin

Bargain Bin

Category: Repeating

You made art that doesn't really fit anywhere but would like some coins for it? Toss it in here!


submit your art which doesn't fit into any prompts here!

You did a YCH, crafted something which looks like one of your paroithians, you made a cute colored sketch for someone.
Anything goes! The reward of coins is way lower here, then if you do art for prompts!

- you can't submit formerly rejected artwork here!
- the art has to be cohesive! The characters you drew have to be recognizable!
- keep submissions SFW!

This art has to be art, which was done after the website launches! Previous art doesn't count!
For example: Old Trial Art, Viking Chain Art, POTM art, Draw the paro abover Art etc.


No rewards.



No skill increase.