Gift Art

Gift Art

Category: Repeating

You want to make some coins by drawing others characters? Submit them here!


Draw someone elses Character to earn some coins!

For this prompt, you have to draw someone else's Character as a fullbody which is at least colored to earn 25 coins/3 gems per fullbody/400 written words!
You can submit this prompt 5 times per month, to earn a total of 125 coins! You may earn extra coins for effort!
Adding a Companion (adding them to your writing has to be at least 100 words about them) gains 10-20 coins, depending on their complexity.
You can also draw or write about our NPC'S found here !

- art/writing must be of someone elses character
- only submit 1 character at a time!
- make sure to state if you'd like Coins or Gems
- art has to be a colored fullbody/ a minimum of 400 words to earn 25 coins/3 gems
- extra effort gives extra coins
- companions (write at least 100 words about them) earn you 10-20 coins
- keep submissions SFW!


No rewards.



No skill increase.