Prompt Categories

<a href="" class="display-category">Repeating</a>


Repeating Prompts, are prompts which you can submit all year around!
There might be a limit for some prompts so make sure to read thorougly!

<a href="" class="display-category">Monthly</a>


Monthly prompts change every month!
They will change at the first of every month, so you have until the last day of a month to submit them.

<a href="" class="display-category">Trials</a>


Trials are character development prompts, which might be necessary to do, to unlock some of the other aspects of the game!
Make sure to check them out and read them thoroughly!

<a href="" class="display-category">Event</a>


Event prompts are there for celebration!
We have many events through out the year which fall under this category.
They usually occure at a special time each year.

<a href="" class="display-category">Activity</a>


Activity Prompts are games we have within the group!
Some are bound to a trial to be unlocked!

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