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Moving In Trial

The first Step every Paroithian has to do, to continue their journay!



Welcome to Paroith! Let's get you settled...

Art by Fox-From-Malta 🌱

This trial must be completed before your character can join other trials. Read everything slowly!


sprout_small.png Rules sprout_small.png

  • This trial is for ALL Paroith mains.
  • This trial must meet the minimum requirements.
  • Images must be drawn by yourself for this trial
  • At least the first step must be completed. Steps afterwards are optional.

sprout_small.png Steps sprout_small.png

🌱 Step 1: Moving In🌱

Draw your character moving into the hometown of their dreams.
Have they moved to harvest meadows seeking the quiet town life, or maybe litico fields for some adventures?
Are they collecting information about each hometown or are they visiting them perhaps? Hopefully, they will be able to find a house that suits their personality!

🌱 Step 2: Preparations🌱

Draw your character during their first few days within their new home.
Have they decided to become an interior designer, or maybe setting up a garden?
Maybe all of that moving was difficult on them and they just want to rest and play some video games!

🌱 Step 3: Settled In🌱

Draw your character having settled in more into their new house.
Now that the newness has worn off, they'll be getting back to their life as usual, whether that's making messes in the kitchen or seeing how big that their garden has grown!


Reward Amount
Gemstone 1


Farming Trial, Fishing Trial, Companion Trial


No skill increase.
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